Friday, January 14, 2011

Smart Enough To Do It Again

It has been two years since BHO was sworn into office and as I sit here I cannot help but wonder, “HOW DID HE GET ELECTED?” Really, we need to think about this so that it cannot possibly happen again. Let’s face it, this guy is the worst of the worst; Jimmy Carter has to love the joke that he is no longer the worst president ever. My point is valid; we must analyze how this happened or it is bound to happen again and again and I am not sure we can survive another two years let alone another six years.
So, how did Obama get elected? Can you find one pundit that has a plausible answer, an answer that satisfies your sensibilities? The left are constantly telling us that no mistake was made, that he is truly the best of the best. Immediately we have to discount them as either stupid or that they have no clue as to what has really happened; either way that makes their argument not worthy of consideration. Only a utopian ideologue could possibly believe that American is headed on the right course. Therefore, please don’t leave a comment to the contrary, cyberspace is limited and we don’t need to take up valuable KB’s with this non-sense.
The RINO’s and the elite on the right tell us that he got elected because of “white-guilt.” Now, the Bible tells me that I am guilty but I cannot find where it says that I am guilty because I am white, a Caucasian, or a light skinned cracker.  But I thought the race issue was solved by LBJ? Haven’t  we spent over a trillion dollars since 1970’s to end racial prejudice and make up for our racial hatred and slavery? Yes we did spend the cash; but the jack-booted thugs, Jackson, Sharpton, etc, keep their foot on the necks of the black community and would not allow them to take advantage of the opportunities mandated by government. Should I as a white cracker feel guilty about that? That lead us to the question, did we really vote for BHO because he was black? NO! If the color of his skin had been a issue for the white and guilty then why wouldn’t that same conservative community have voted for a black man who was clean, articulate, and really smart; I am referring to Alan Keyes, not BHO. Keyes is one of the smartest men I know, white or black. He is one of the most articulate men I know; he uses words I never heard of and uses them correctly. I have never stood next to him, but I am pretty sure he is clean. So why did so many conservatives and independents vote for Obama when they would never have voted for great men like Keyes? Obviously race had little or nothing to do with it. Keyes just happened along at the wrong time with the wrong party affiliation. So, what led us down the road to ruin and vote for Obama?
First, we were tired of George Bush and his elite buddies in the Whitehouse. Bush was a big spending, big government liberal. The only thing he got right was the war on terror. He summarily allowed congress to spend us into oblivion. What he did was incredible stupid; he spent when he should have been saving. Yes he did lower tax rates and that was a good thing; but there was no way that trickle-down could keep pace with the Bush spending habits. Realizing that the average conservative American is stupid  the elite RINO’s then nominated John McCain as a replacement for Bush. McCain was more of the same; and worst than that he was a political has-been that never was. Be honest, do you really think he got elected to the senate because he is so smart; or was it because he was a war hero?  The American public has a tremendously soft spot in their hearts for war heroes, and rightly so; but let’s not be so maudlin again when it comes to veterans. They deserve every chance to succeed post military service; but they also need good leadership in government like everyone else. The point being we were tired of Bush and we all knew that McCain was not the answer, so we voted for BHO.
What we desired from the bottom of our heart, or maybe it was from the bottom of our wallets, was change and change is what BHO offered, and to our chagrin it was not the change that we wanted. But I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised; he repeatedly told everyone exactly what kind of change he was offering up. Remember the speech in California, “you can’t eat as much as you want, you can’t drive as much as you want, you can’t keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer like you want.” There was also the confrontation with Joe the plumber; “we are going to spread the wealth around.” What makes us amazingly stupid is that  BHO words were simple and easily understood; he told all of us that his intent was to fundamentally change America, that he was going to move it to a socialistic society where the middle class would no longer exist. How could we have possibly missed that?
We missed this because we were desperate for a government that would be responsive to the people and one that would do the right thing no matter the consequences of the next election.  Unfortunately the American populous lives in a dream world because it thinks that you can elect a left wing liberal that gives a darn what the people want and what is the right thing to do. Reid, Pelosi, and Obama have proven that to be true by their pompous patronizing over the last two years with bail-outs and health-care legislation.
We snookered ourselves; we believe the teleprompter and failed to see that it read only words; words without meaning, words that had no foundation of morality and American constitutional values. We bought into the idea that America was not the great country that it should have been. We were told, and believed, that we had intentionally keep the poor, the weak, and the racial minorities down at the bottom of pit.  We were told that we lacked compassion and concern for those who were less fortunate.  We were told that “good people” would want to share the fruits of their hard work, and that the way to do it was to give it to a government bureaucracy that really cared and could most efficiently handout our money to others. We were told that if we didn’t vote for and elect BHO that we were filled with racial hatred.  We were told that smart people would vote for BHO, and that those that didn’t were middle America hicks, and who would want to be a “red-necked” hick?  What is sad and pathetic is that many people believed the hype; add to that, that we were so desperate for change that we failed to hear what BHO said about his intentions and you have an electorate that is headed for catastrophe.
You may be shaking your head and saying to yourself, “how could we have allowed ourselves to be duped?” Well, as they say, “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings.”  What I am implying is that the deception isn’t over,  we are only two years away from the next election and polling data indicates that in all probability BHO will be re-elected. Just this morning new data shows that his approval rating is up four points to 48%.  We made a difference this last election, we sent people to Washington who wants the same change we want. Now we have to hold their feet to the fire; but more importantly we have to keep our eye on the goal and not get apathetic. We have to put this change out of office and elect a change we can believe in.
Ask yourself the question this question, “are we smart enough to do it again?” Do what again, elect BHO? No, are we smart enough to vote in change? The apostle Paul dealt with a similar issue concerning the church and told his protégé, Timothy, (3) For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; (4) and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables, 2 Timothy 4:3-4 (NKJV). Paul was addressing the issue of teaching God’s word to the church, his ministry had little or nothing to do with politics; but the principle is the same, we seek the cheap, the easy, and what we desire to hear; when what we really want and need is the truth. One more time, ask yourself, “are we smart enough to do it again?”

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